Main facilities of CoCoNe

Manga Comics

We have about 30,000 comics on three floors. There is also a popular latest copy. Many more are scheduled to arrive in the future.

microwave and pot

There is a microwave and kettle on each floor. It’s free to use.

Vending machine available too (charged)

There are drink vending machines on each floor.

Free Wi-Fi

The hotel has free Wi-Fi service. Internet connection is possible by connecting a laptop or smartphone. Please feel free to ask our staff for connection method and password. It is also posted in the store corridor.

Smoking Room

Smoking is forbidden in the building and in the room. There are designated smoking rooms on each floors.


Printer is available. It’s installed in the common space but you can print from your room. Please feel free to ask our staff for user guidance.

Toilet ・powder room

There are separate male and female toilets on each floor. A hairdryer is also provided, so you can use it after shower.

Shower room (charges apply)

There are separate shower rooms for men and women on each floor. Comes with shampoo, conditioner, and soap. For those using the room, it costs 400 yen once and includes a bath towel. You can also use the shower only (300 yen for 10 minutes, 100 yen for every additional 10 minutes). *Customers who only take a shower and use a towel will be charged an additional 200 yen.

Coin laundry (charges apply)

There is a coin laundry on the 2nd floor where you can wash and dry your clothes. Please use by self-service.
Price: 400 yen for washing machine and 100 yen for dryer for 10 minutes

Towel / Blanket

Towels and blankets can be borrowed free of charge. Please ask the staff when needed.

Goods for sale

The following goods are sold at the front desk.
・Toothbrush: 50 Yen
・Razor: 100 Yen
・Plastic umbrella: 450 Yen
・T-shirt: 300 Yen
・Underwear for men: 300 Yen
・Socks: 200 Yen
・Body towel: 100 Yen
・Contact care set: 200 Yen
・Makeup remover: 300 Yen
・hot eye mask: 110 Yen
・hairband: 50 Yen
・shaving form : 50 Yen

Rental post

You can receive your mail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The recipient’s name can be saved as the real name or any name you like. (I am unable to receive items that violate the law, are dangerous, or include personal mail.)

Width 27 cm, height 15 cm, depth 35 cm. 1 month 2,000 yen / 2 months 3,500 yen / 3 months 4,500 yen
ID is required.