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Entrance fee campaign0yen

Please show your ID card.
(Driving license, Insurance Card, My Number Card, etc.)

Usage fee With a key
Soundproof private room (one person)
With a key
Soundproof private room (one person)
Holidays (including the day before holiday)
First 30 minutes 300yen
(Tax included 330yen)
(Tax included 330yen)
After every 10 minutes 92yen
(Tax included 101yen)
(Tax included 101yen)
3 hours 1,480yen
(Tax included 1,628yen)
(Tax included 1,848yen)
6 hours 1,900yen
(Tax included 2,090yen)
(Tax included 2,530yen)
9 hours 2,300yen
(Tax included 2,530yen)
(Tax included 3,630yen)
12 hours 3,000yen
(Tax included 3,300yen)
(Tax included 4,950yen)
24 hours 5,400yen
(Tax included 5,940yen)
(Tax included 8,910yen)

CoCoNe is run based on membership system. A registration fee of 300 yen is required only for the first time.
To register, you will need an ID Card to verify your identity. Driving license, Insurance card, My number card, etc.

Weekdays: Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, until 18:00
Holidays: from Friday 18:00 to Sunday 18:00. And from 18:00 of the day before the public holiday till 18:00 of the following day.

Payment can be made by cash or with different credit cards such as VISA, DC, MASTER. Payment is based on electronic money transaction only.
When you leave, please check-out by using the barcode on the receipt by yourself or with the membership card at the 2nd floor front terminal.