Registration Procedure

register as a member

If you are a beginner, register as a member (identification)

f you are using the service for the first time, please register as a member. Enter your name, address and phone number on the touch panel. The staff will issue a membership card based on the personal information you enter.

To complete the registration please bring any of your ID card, such as driving license, my number card or insurance card.


For members it’s only a single touch to enter

If you are a member, please touch “Admission” on the touch panel and scan your membership card.

The room

Select a room from the touch panel.

Please select the room type according to your purpose and number of people. There are 64 rooms on three floors, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 4th floor. Rooms are completely private, soundproof and non-smoking.

There are three types of rooms: single room, double room and triple room. There are two types of single rooms: mattress room and recliner chair room.



Once you have decided on your room type, a receipt with a QR code will be printed out automatically. Please use that QR code to enter from the entrance gate. Checkout is at checkout. Please relax and enjoy your stay.



After move to the room, you can unlock the door to enter into the room by using the barcode on the receipt or with the membership card.

All rooms are equipped with content such as computers and unlimited movies. Air condition and dimmable lighting are also provided.



Please spend your time in a relax way. There are many comics available on 3rd floor, so feel free to use them.

On the 2nd floor, there is an “all-you-can-drink” corner with 38 kinds of coffee and soft drinks. Also the coin laundere is at 2nd floor.


Shower. toilet

All three floor has separate shower room and toilet for men and women.

Security is perfect when you will take shower. You can reserve shower room by scanning the barcode of the receipt or scanning the membership card on the terminal on each floor.
(Only same-sex shower rooms can be reserved based on member information)

Going out

Going out

You can go out anytime you want and reenter.

When you want to go out, a QR code will be issued by holding a receipt or membership card with a barcode on the terminal on each floor. Please enjoy the city of Kyoto.
When returning from outside, please go out and return at the reception desk, issue a QR code and re-enter.

* Please return within 2 hours if you go out.
* Please note that, the room charge will still be on if you go out without check-out.

Check out

Check out

When you will leave or check-out, please scan the barcode of your receipt or the membership card at the 2nd floor terminal.
( (Payment can be made with cash, or various credit cards such as VISA, DC, or MASTER card. The total payment procedure will only be with electronic transportation machine.)

Looking forward to see you again!