About Membership

Do I need an admission fee?
Now we are on campaign.The membership fee is for free.
Is there any age limit to stay at CoCoNe?
If you are under the age of 7 years or under elementary school age, you stay is free. But if you are in elementary school or above the age of 7 years you need pay for staying.
Do I need to bring any document for registration?
The following identity verification documents are required.
[Identification document]
Official certificates such as Driving License, Passport, My Number Card, Student ID Card or National Health Insurance Card may use as identification document.
* If your current address is different from the items listed above, you will need a separate document (such as a utility bill receipt) to confirm your current address.

About using the CoCoNe

Can I use a credit card or electronic money?
Credit cards (VISA, DC, MASTER), electronic money (Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, tolCa, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken) and Ginren cards can be used. (JCB and American express card is not acceptable)
Are there any restrictions on usage time depending on age?
In accordance with `The reglulations about healthy upbringing of youth`, customers under 18 years old are unavailable after 11:00P.M. Cannot be used even when accompanied by a guardian.
Is it possible to use even under age of elementary school?
Guests under the age of elementary school must be accompanied by a guardian.
Can I reserve a room?
We are not currently accepting room reservations.
Are there women-only rooms?
There is no floor for women only, but all rooms have security with a private key. Please rest assured to use being a alone woman.
Can I use Wi-Fi on my laptop or smartphone?
Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN connection is provided free of charge. LAN cable connection is not allowed for security reasons.