For travelers

For travelers looking for a hotel in Kyoto,our shop is described as an internet cafe ,but you can also stay overnight.

Hotels in Kyoto are very expensive.

Hotel reservations can be difficult, especially during high season.

In such a case, you can stay at Cocone at a cheap price!

deluxe rooms
VIP rooms

A shower room and coin laundry are also available, and bath towels are available for rent.

shower room

There are rooms for single occupancy, but we recommend deluxe rooms and VIP rooms.

Deluxe rooms and VIP rooms can accommodate multiple people.

We also rent bedding such as pillows and towel blankets.

pillows and towel blankets.

A kettle and microwave are also provided.

A kettle and microwave

It is also possible to use only the coin laundry, and everyone is happily talking while waiting for the laundry.

waiting room

For reservations, please visit Instagram!

For reservations on the day, please visit the store directly and ask about availability.